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We are the home of 47 authors from among our 365 members. There have been reviews written about our 120 stories consisting of 213 chapters and 524565 words. A special welcome to our newest member, Vospishiosy.

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Surprise Yaoi! by Dracobolt PG-13
Garet and Alex both get more than they bargained for when they meet unexpectedly...
Story of the Moment
Nobody by Akiko G
He understood her. Of course, he was the only one willing too.
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Welcome to the GSFFA, the first and only site on the internet devoted exclusively to Golden Sun fanfiction! Created by fans for fans, this site presents the best works by the best authors within the GS community in a secure and easy-to-navigate format.

Please refer to the Help Section above for some of the site guidelines. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact the site proprietors, Triad Orion & Midnight C. Thank you for coming; we hope you enjoy your stay!
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WARNING: Do Not Follow Suspicious Links!

Omniflyer has informed me that there seems to be another influx of potentially dangerous links using the review and comment system. If you have received reviews involving links of any sort, DISREGARD THEM AND DO NOT CLICK THEM. We cannot be held responsible for any damages done to your computer if you do.

In the meantime, I'm going to contact Mid and see if this can't get sorted out.


--Triad Orion on 05/11/08 7:28 PM 35 Comments